"This is a song that somebody wanted to hear, on twitter, and this song really takes me back to maybe possibly one of the saddest times for me, but you know it ended up being a song that I wrote really really late at night and feeling that I was completely alone and feeling this way. And then it went out into the world and when you guys sing the words back to me it makes me feel I’m not alone in feeling any of this and I really appreciate that. This is called last kiss."




John Green Novels | Animated Titles (moreΒ here)

I posted theΒ LFA oneΒ earlier as a random animation practice and some of you seem toΒ really enjoy it.. so I figured, why not go and make the rest of the titles. I specifically had a hard time doing the TFiOS one because there are so many things I want to include (infinity sign, lungs and wine to name a few). In the end I went for the swing set thing and I hope that worked.